Organized by Huddlebury.

©2018 by Vision for Vermont.

Who We Are

The organizing group for the Summit is Huddlebury, a group which was founded in Middlebury following the Women's March on Washington in 2017.  Our group has been working since the march to try to help bridge  the divisions that have come to the surface in our country and in Vermont in the last several years.


One of our Huddlebury’s first projects was to read No Is Not Enough by Naomi Klein.  We were impressed by the “Leap Manifesto” which came out of Klein’s work in Canada.  We also read Viking Economics by George Lakey and then attended several of Lakey’s lectures in Vermont in March, 2018.


The work of these two authors impressed on us that there is a need for Vermonters to unite behind a common vision that could help Vermonters move beyond the current unrest in our country.  In Vermont, we have many groups and individuals working in their own separate areas, but Huddlebury would like to see what cross-fertilization among all of these groups would look like.

The organizing group for Vision For Vermont has now expanded to include many more Vermonters, including people whose voices are not always heard. 

On September 15, 2018, 100 Vermonters met in Ripton, for a Vision Summit, to begin the work of imagining, together, the future we hope for.  Since this gathering several things have happened, or will happen in 2019: 


  • Two smaller VfV gatherings met in December, 2018 and in May, 2019.


  • A working group has met to begin the process of creating a vision statement.



  • On September 14, 2019, a second VfV summit will convene in Ripton.  

We hope you will join us to continue working on a Vision for Vermont.

Link to The Leap Manifesto:

Viking Ekonomics by George Lakey: