Organized by Huddlebury.

©2018 by Vision for Vermont.


As part of their collaboration with Vision for Vermont, Jon Isham’s Environmental Studies 401 Class created a podcast of their interviews with 50 Vermonters.  This podcast is a fascinating compilation of the voices of these Vermonters as they answer questions about their visions for Vermont.

Group 1:

Vision for Vermont Podcast Introduction


Episode #1 w/ VfV members: Environmentally Conscious Vermonters

Episode #2: Education in Vermont


Group 2:

Episode #1 w/ VfV members:  What Does it Mean to be a Vermonter?

Episode #2:  Black Voices


Group 3:

Episode #1 w/ VfV members: Social Change

Episode #2:  Farmers and Farm Workers


Group 4:

Episode #1 w/ VfV members:  Visions for Community and the Future

Episode #2: Indigenous Voices